CBD Expos

The CBD Expo Tour one-kind event that is entirely dedicated to CBD. These events will feature over 70 exhibitors in different locations throughout the year, along with a huge lineup of panel discussions and presentations from experts in the production, distribution, as well as sale of cannabis products. Each cannabis convention will also feature a pet CBD pavilion, which will particularly focus on the rapidly growing CBD pet industry. CBD Expo events are open to the public which means anyone can attend and everyone is invited. This includes casual CBD consumers to professionals and entrepreneurs.

Themes of CBD Expo Tour

As stated above, CBD Expo Tour is a truly one-of-a-kind event that features over 70 exhibitors, along with a huge lineup of panel discussions and presentations from experts in the production, research, sale, and globalization of CBD products. The themes of this tour are CBD Industry Trends, Medical Advancements, CBD Application & Tools, and CBD 101. The tour will take place in various locations including California, Florida, Colorado, Washington, Indiana, and more.

The Purpose of CBD Expo Tour

The key purpose behind organizing the CBD Expo Tour is to bring together business leaders and entrepreneurs in the world of CBD so they can learn from as well as educate others about working with CBD. Since CBD Expo Tour is a one-of-a-kind CBD-exclusive conference in the world, it is your only reliable source when it comes to news, equipment, and methods involved in each and every aspect of the cannabis industry. Above all, Since the earliest days of conception of this Expos, the interest in it has been rapidly growing and because of it, the involvement in the CBD market is now expanded via the cannabis conventions around the world.

The Role of CBD Health and Wellness

CBD Health and Wellness is a brand-new publication of MACE Media Group that focuses solely on the production, research, and sale of CBD as well as other cannabinoids. The inception of CBD Health and Wellness was announced in February 2018 and ever since, the focus of this publication has been to draw experts from around the globe and connect the readers with accurate and qualified sources of information regarding the CBD industry. Through the CBD Expo tour, the goal of CBD Health and Wellness is to find the various hard facts that revolve around CBD, describe the CBD market’s current state, and help promote the rise of the CBD industry over the years to come. The inaugural issue of CBD Health and Wellness will be distributed at the first CBD Expo Tour.

CBD Expo Northwest

MACE Media Group is one of the country’s largest diversified information and media companies in the cannabis industry. It is also the publisher of Terpenes and Testing Magazine. Above all The CBD Expo Tour 2019, also known as CBD Expos Northwest. It is produced by this major brand and it was recently announced that Worldwide Manufacturing-Ultra CBD is the headline sponsor for the cannabis convention event that will be held on June 28-29, 2019 in Seattle, Washington.

Ultra CBD is the in-house comprehensive line of hemp-based products of Worldwide Manufacturing LLC. These award-winning products include bath bombs, salves, lotions, e-vapes, tinctures, taffy, gummies, and more. These CBD products are non-psychoactive, full spectrum with vegan, <0.1 THC, 100% accurate dosing and contain absolutely no residual solvents. Furthermore, this company is also an industry leading contract manufacturer that offers while label/private services.

Just like other cannabis convention events, the purpose of CBD Expo Northwest is to focus on the themes of technology. Innovations in medical trends in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. These are the topics that appeal greatly to the intended audience at Northwest which includes both entrepreneurs. Therefore Who wants to further their CBD knowledge and businesses. Consumers who are eager to learn about the benefits of CBD.

About MACE Media Group
CBD Expo Tour produced by MACE Media Group. It publishes niche CBD industry trade publications. MACE Media Group the first trade publication of the industry dedicated to cannabis science. CBD Health & Wellness Magazine is the latest publication of MACE Media Group. It revolves around the growing cannabis industry to provide news on medical research. Trending applications, and updates with regulations and laws. MACE also produces various trade events in order to attract numerous mainstream and cannabis media, journalists. Therefore MACE Media Group is producing the CBD Expos Tour to bring together thousands of industry influencers. Because It is one of the most comprehensive CBD events in the United States.