Does Insurance Cover CBD Oil?

Modern medicine is a present-day wonder. Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from a wide range of chronic and terminal illnesses that require constant medication to keep under control. The problem is, most of those medicines can cause unpleasant side-effects that require other medications, with different side-effects, to treat, and so-on. Before you know it, if you are unlucky enough to be one of these people, you are taking so many prescription pills, you rattle when you walk! Thanks to insurance plans, most of the time these drugs are covered or have a drug copay option to cover some of the cost. It is no wonder that researchers are always looking for new, more effective drugs that have fewer and less severe side-effects. One drug that a lot of medical professionals are getting really excited about is CBD oil. CBD oil benefits include treatment of; chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, depression, PTSD, side-effects from cancer treatment, ADHD and arthritis to name just a few. Best of all, the side-effects are few and far more minor than those that often accompany mainstream medications and, if they do occur, are easily managed by off-the shelf treatments.

There is just one problem, your insurance will not cover it. You cannot even opt for drug copay to help buy CBD oil. The problem starts with where CBD oil comes from- the hemp plant. CBD oil is a cannabinoid and, because it is related to THC [the psycho-active substance in recreational cannabis], it is classed as a schedule 1 substance under federal law. This means that, even though half of the states in North America have legalised CBD oil, it cannot be covered by medical insurance or drug copay.

CBD oil, like most other effective drugs, is expensive. If you do get a medical recommendation from your doctor to start taking CBD oil, you could be looking at costs of $50-$100 per month, with some people with more severe conditions paying up to $1000 per month to take advantage of CBD oil benefits.

So, if you are suffering from a chronic condition that may be helped by CBD oil, what should you do? Some medical insurance companies offer schemes similar to drug copay called CSHPS’s, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts. These are claim-back schemes that patients can use for medicinal purchases at their own discretion. Unfortunately, these plans fall under the same legislation so, even if you have a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana or CBD oil, you cannot purchase your monthly supply, then claim back the cost against your scheme.

There are other ways people with chronic pain or illnesses have managed to get CBD oil benefits without it causing them financial issues, and without the aid of insurance of drug copay. Several court cases, where an injury or illness was sustained at work or due to negligence, have resulted in the judge ruling that the defendant company must pay past, present and future costs to cover the purchase of CBD oil to treat the person’s condition for as long as required. This is all well-and-good for patients who have sustained a miss-fortune as a result of a third party but what about those with congenital or inherited conditions?

Unlike in the U.S, doctors in the U.K have far more tools at their discretion. Although laws regarding marijuana are very similar and public stigmas surrounding its use are the same, in extreme cases, doctors are able to prescribe CBD oil. What’s more, as most people don’t see the need for health insurance or drug copay, the prescriptions are covered or subsidised by the National Health Service. This means that adults in the U.K pay only $11.60 per prescription and, it is free for children under 16. Cases of CBD oil benefits being made available in the U.K are quickly growing in number. Children suffering from chronic illnesses, such as brain lesions that cause dangerous and damaging seizures, are seeing marked improvements in their condition while using CBD oil which is not just improving their life-quality and expectancy, but also making life easier on their families and carers. People suffering from afflictions like arthritis are also enjoying CBD oil benefits under the care of the NHS. CBD is proving so effective in these cases, the patients are able to, at the very least, reduce the number of medications they need to take and in many case, stop all other medications entirely, eliminating most of the side-effects and, in-turn, reducing the financial cost to the NHS.

Until the U.S government changes the federal law regarding medical marijuana, obtaining CBD oil for medical use will remain expensive and purchasing it legally may be beyond the means of those who need CBD oil benefits the most. Opinions are beginning to sway. More research is being done and companies who make CBD oil are working hard with public relations companies to convince the public and politicians that CBD oil is a force for good. It is likely that the law will eventually be changed to allow CBD oil to be covered by insurance, but how long it will be is, I am sorry to say, anyone’s guess.