NJ Marijuana: The legislature may try again to legalize NJ Marijuana

All over the U.S., many states attempt to legalize marijuana and support marijuana dispensaries. And New Jersey is believed to become the 12th federal state to legalize marijuana and support marijuana companies.

Still, this is not yet a fact, as November 2020 will determine whether or not. New Jersey will join other states in their legislative approaches.

In November 2020, voters expected to offer their opinion concerning whether or not marijuana use should become legal. This is a direct result of the fail attempts of many official legislators. That do not manage to come to a consensus when the new law proposed for New jersey.

Overall, New Jersey expects a close vote in November. As there are plenty of people that agree with the new law. But at the same time, there are quite a few that oppose it. Yet, most of those living in New Jersey feel like enacting a recreational marijuana prohibition can only harm the population.

The New Jersey marijuana dispensaries need a legal ground to function so that public safety is not at risk.

The legislature’s efforts to regulate the New Jersey medical marijuana usage didn’t abandon the fight. And this is the main reason why the ballot is held this year. The lawmakers failed to reach an agreement, but they all believe that there is the need to clearly inform the public whether or not marijuana is legal in the state.

Still, there were plenty of officials that expressed concern back in 2019. At that time, they feared a ballot, as its results are more difficult to change than a law. But in the end, the legislative action failed to reach a consensus, which led to the need of New Jersey residents to express their opinion through a vote.

Still, because several other states legalized recreational marijuana, and they clearly depicted how much a person can own or cultivate, the pressure on New Jersey is higher. Also, several states have somewhat clear indications on how marijuana companies should cultivate, manufacture and distribute their products.

While medical practitioners have a shred of clear evidence how to prescribe and how much marijuana represents the legal normal for medicinal usage.


The ballot initiative for New Jersey offers a lot of hope for those that support the legal usage of marijuana. This attempt to legalize marijuana in New Jersey might turn out favorable for the people living in the area, as recent surveys show that there are plenty of supporters of New Jersey marijuana dispensaries and marijuana companies.

Still, we will have to wait until November 2020 to see what the voters decided. Meanwhile, states such as Massachusetts and Illinois issued marijuana laws, not that help both businesses and individuals to get access to marijuana products without fear of facing criminal allegations.