Utah Department of Commerce Seizes Cannabidiol Oil from Antique Store

Reported on the day after Christmas, 2017, the Utah Department of Commerce seized merchandise from a Heber City antiques store. What they seized included blood thinner medication and cannabidiol oil or CBD oil. The antiques store, known as Aspen Grove Rustics, was new in Heber City, but what is puzzling is why CBD oil, which is mostly used on house furnishings, was taken.

The Raid

The raid appeared to target the back of the store where medical kits were sold. Although medical kits are somewhat unusual products for an antique store to offer, the owner was a former EMT and firefighter and had sold the kits in his previous store in Idaho. But it was the seizing of the CBD oil that has raised eyebrows in the community.

On December 21st, an investigator of the Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing or DOPL informed the store owner that CBD Oil could not be legally offered. It was reported that the store owner complied by offering to remove the product from the shelves but asked what could be done to comply with the law. The DOPL investigator left but returned shortly with two police officers and a subpoena and seized the CBD oil along with the blood thinning medication.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol Oil is a product that is made from hemp and mostly used to polish and restore house furnishings which include chairs, tables, and the like that are crafted from wood. Although the name is associated with cannabis, which is the source of marijuana, the oil is a derivative product that is not made for personal use nor does it contain THC which is the ingredient that allows users to get “high”.

However, it does contain properties that many people use to treat anxiety, pain, seizures, and the side effects of certain cancer treatments. CBD oil has become quite popular in the US because of its unique properties. CBD oil is widely considered legal is all 50 states and is sold in many stores in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Utah. Currently, the case is under investigation by the DOPL and no further statements have been released on the subject.

The source of the confusion may be the stance by the federal government in which CBD oil is technically illegal because of its association with cannabis. However, the DEA is not enforcing the law at the current time and the US Congress has taken measures to limit the investigations and prosecution of the law that targets businesses associated with marijuana. Plus, until recently Utah had no formal law that recognized the legality of CBD oil.

In part because of the seizure of the CBD oil, the Utah legislature passed a bill known as SB130 which formally legalizes the product in the state. This has served to clear up any confusion about the legal status of the oil and does not in turn legalize marijuana products that contain THC in the state. What was originally used to polish house furnishings and now is seen as a medical product is formally legal in the state of Utah.