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Using Cannabis and Pregnancy – The Current Scenario

Cannabis and Pregnancy
Cannabis and Pregnancy

The use of cannabis edibles has increased largely among pregnant women in recent years. Even after the warnings and risk factors, pregnant women depend more on cannabis to get rid of pregnancy-related depression and other physical issues. The recent study in the U.S. has proved that the number of women having cannabis during pregnancy has increased, and the number of women having cannabis even before the months of pregnancy has become doubled. This has caused an increase in pregnancy discrimination.

Cannabis and Pregnancy

Risk Factors of Cannabis during Pregnancy
The latest research of the FDA shows that consuming cannabis during pregnancy can affect the brain development of a fetus. While the would-be mother is consuming marijuana or any other cannabis during pregnancy, THC (a fatal cannabinoid) can reach the brain of the fetus through the bloodstream of the mother and hamper the normal brain development.

Cannabis is not only harmful to the pregnant ladies, but the new mothers are also not out of the threat of this harmful object. If a mother consumes cannabis when she is breastfeeding to her baby, it can enter into the baby’s body through the milk and affect the brain development of a newborn baby. Later, it can result in poor cognitive function, hyperactivity, and other deadly consequences.

Besides hampering brain development, the use of cannabis during pregnancy or right after that can also affect the proper growth of a fetus and the baby, respectively. You can have a baby with low birth weight and height. Consuming marijuana can also result in premature birth, stillbirth, and miscarriage, especially if the mother consumes it during the second and third trimester.

Cannabis and Pregnancy

Why Women Consume Cannabis Edibles during Pregnancy?
Further research has shown that consuming cannabis edibles during pregnancy has increased largely in recent years. If it was 3.4% during 2003 and 2004, until 2016-17, it has increased up to 7%, and the main cause is awareness among the mothers. Researchers have said that women are not well-informed about the risk of using cannabis during pregnancy. Moreover, they also think that cannabis is safe during pregnancy, and it happens due to a lack of communication between a pregnant lady and a doctor.

Thus, doctors must spread awareness against cannabis during pregnancy and right after that. They should talk about the risk factors and health issues for the woman and her child, so this practice comes to a stop completely and there is no case of pregnancy discrimination.

The Beginners Guide To CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles
CBD Edibles

What is a CBD edible?
The world of CBD edibles and other pot products is constantly growing and evolving. With the shadow of illegality still hovering over it, exposure to new products and safer consumer consumption is downplayed. So, here is a quick beginners guide that should help you confidently buy your first edible and have a pleasant experience.

CBD Edibles

CBD and THC edibles are a class of products that contain an extract from the cannabis plant. THC is the high inducing extract where as CBD isn’t. Both deliver relatively similar health benefits but which extract you buy truly depends on you goals, wants, and needs. THC is really divided into two classes, sativa and indica. Sativa delivers more of an energetic, bubbly, or functional high, whereas indica will deliver the classic “stoner” high that is relatively mellower, more relaxed, and sedated. CBD on the other hand is the non-high inducing cousin to THC that can help with high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and different types of pain. Both THC and CBD can be taken separately or together based on the your body’s responses to each of the extracts.

A CBD edible or THC edible like chocolate edibles is just the edible mixed into oil that is used in the baking process. So, anything that you can think of that could use oil as an ingredient could also contain CBD or THC. Edibles are primarily sweet like chocolate edibles, cookies, brownies, gummies, and even nut bars. However, there is a small but growing assortment of savory edibles.

CBD Edibles

What should I buy for my first time?
But what do you get if it is your first time? The first piece of advice is to always go through a reputable dispensary. They will have a wealth of knowledge. However, if you are buying off line then read reviews of the brands and trust your gut when picking something out. For your first time it is impossible to know how your body will react to the THC or CBD. Generally, edibles take more time to kick in as compared to a joint and can last longer.

Start off with a low does. You don’t want to have a bad first experience and never want to try it again. Many states (including Colorado) are recommending 10mg for a first dose. You can buy packs of ten pieces with 10mg each. What to get entirely depends on your taste. Cookie fiend? Grab a cookie. More into the gummies? There are plenty of those as well. Love chocolate? Grab one of the many chocolate edibles.

CBD Edibles

I bought some chocolate edibles, now what?
Once you are ready you should always make sure you are in a comfortable and familiar place. On the off chance you have a bad experience you want to be somewhere safe and secure. Have plenty of water around and get ready to smile and be happy. Confidently take your CBD edibles or THC edibles with friends so you can share the experience. Try to write down or remember how that particular brand and dose affected you. Next time you can either change or increase depending on your desired results.

Best CBD for depression

Soul CBD

A lot of anything is harmful. However, if you use it in the right and the proper way, you can get benefit out of it. So, here we are discussing the CBD for depression. If you are dealing with depression and anxiety issues, then CBD can help you overcome your depression and calm your nerves. Moreover, it will also help you relax your body. CBD oils work in a great way as a relaxant for depression.

Here are some of the CBD for depression that you can try out. It will help you have a clear head so that you can focus more on work and will also take off your depression. Take a look at the best-preferred CBDs.

Sabaidee CBD oil
This is the best and top-rated CBD oil. It is considered a great CBD for depression. Moreover, it has high effectiveness along with high potency. However, it is also tested in the laboratory, so that it does not have any harmful effects. Moreover, you can also use it in a stronger dose. The stronger dose will help people with higher and stronger symptoms of depression and anxiety. This CBD oil is made from organic Hemp. Moreover, it has the flavor of peppermint oil.

Spruce CBD oil
This CBD oil is another incredible solution for your depression. However, soul CBD is a great provider of this CBD oil. The effectiveness and the price may not be as good as the first CBD oil that we have discussed. However, it is still second best on the list for the incredible CBD oil. One good thing about this CBD oil is that you can pick the carrier oil yourself. Moreover, it does not allow high usage of the CBD oil.

Royal CBD
This is a third one on the list that is also available on the soul CBD. However, it is not as great as the above two CBD oils. It may be because of the lack of transparency and inaccuracy of the CBD oil or the price of the CBD oil for depression. This oil is extracted through a process that involves carbon dioxide. Moreover, it is also tested in the laboratory for the satisfaction of the customers. However, the lab does not pass it as a good quality oil. So, if you are planning to use it, you need to think again before you start using it.

These are a few CBD oils for depression that you can use. However, we will recommend you the Saibaidee CBD oil. It is ranked the best. Moreover, it also provides incredible satisfaction for people having depression and anxiety.

Secret Cannabis Containers

poison ring

Poison Rings
Poison rings are probably the oldest known wearable that humans have used to carry things that weren’t supposed to be seen. They were originally quite a sinister accessory with enough space beneath the jewel to hold some poison to sprinkle over some monarch’s food or drink. While monarchs are almost all gone and so are such plots to kill them for power but poison rings are still here and they really come in peace this time around. People all around the world use their hiding compartments to hold their stash and carry around without getting caught.

Who would even think about it?

Fake Soda Stash Cans
These stash cans come in many forms like bottles, cans and are available in almost every mainstream beverage company labels out there. There are all made using the same way: hollowed-out containers that are empty from the inside for secret storage. No one will ever bat an eye about it twice. You can slip in a few ounces of the good green stuff inside. And since the inside spaces are ideal for storing liquid too, you can pour in a little CBD you got from Walmart.

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes
Hollowed out tampons are the perfect stash containers for women because men, in general would never look twice at them at any checking point or whenever you take them out in front of them. You can just twist the joints up and put them inside these carefully.

Surge Protector
You can conceal your ‘goods’ with this stash container in the shape of a surge protector. Its on-off switches are lighted by a battery, making it all the more realistic. It’s quite safe even if you plug in some cords and power cables because it won’t conduct electricity and its sockets are completely perfect insulators. No one will ever think about finding some weed in there except, of course, you.

Smuggler Belts
Smuggler belts are belts that have special concealing pockets stitched on the inside of the belt. You can wear them while going anywhere, the office, school or even the club. Just put a packet in there somewhere go outside.

Stash Underwear
Stash pockets are the real deal these days. Stash-pockets have been available in hats and hoodies for quite a long time now but underwear with stash-pockets are the wave now. You are quite safe with these on because no one’s ever going to come up to you and just touch you down there in hopes of finding some weed.

Dictionaries and books
One of the most classical places for carrying all sorts of concealed items and put them away from sight is the insides of a book with pages taken out. Propped up by the cinema with scenes from great timeless movies like The Shawshank

Redemption, a book safe is probably your best bet in keeping your cannabis hidden from outside speculation. You can also be flexible with their colors, sizes and can easily accommodate a mini-liquid container from Walmart to slip in some CBD. Most of these books available online come with combination locks and make your valuable hidden and secured at all costs.

Best CBD Marketing Consultants

CBD Marketing
CBD Marketing

Marketing has been around since citizens have been consumers; a term used to define a person who purchases a good or service for their own personal use. Without having to dive into too much detail, we all have a general idea about what advertisements are and what consumers are.

However, when new products are introduced to society, there becomes a demand on what the product is, how to sell them, and how they can be marketed. Of these more modern-day products, CBD has become one of the most popular products to sell in society today for its positive health benefits, the culture around the product, and much more.

To fully understand the world of marketing involving CBD, it’s important to note what CBD is, the specifics of the marketing and consulting of it, influencers, and much more.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a remedy that can be used for a variety of reasons. It’s found and made from cannabis, but it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties in it.

Meaning it can provide benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, helping acne, and much more without causing the ability for the person to feel “high” on it.

What is CBD Marketing?

CBD Marketing

Because of it not having any psychoactive properties behind it and the massive benefits of the product, CBD has recently become completely legal in the United States and in several other countries.

Not to mention the overall positive shift on the public’s perception of marijuana in general, and the eventual complete legality of it throughout the United States. Thus, the reason why the market behind the product is starting to explode and become a popular subject among marketing itself.

The CBD market is already huge, but it’s only going to grow. This is why it’s important to know how to properly market a specific brand in order to differentiate it from other competitors.

Besides straying away from competitors it’s important to know how to properly market it for the purpose that a lot of the public is uneducated on CBD. Meaning a lot of parents might be worried or confused when they see something in this realm. Thus why proper marketing is very important.

What is a CBD Marketing Consultant?

A consultant is someone or a company who can provide professional advice on something. With that knowledge, you can determine that a CBD marketing consultant is someone or a company that is an expert on CBD to the point that they’ll know to properly market CBD for you.

If you’re completely clueless on this subject but have money to invest, that’s where a marketing consultant would be perfect for you. Even if you’re confident in your ability to properly market CBD, you should still consider a consultant. This will ensure you reach your full potential with the product.

CBD Marketing

Best CBD Marketing Consultants

Without being in any particular order, we’re going to go over several of the best CBD marketing consultants/agencies. All of which vary from each and have different pros and cons among each other.

We’ll quickly go over what each company offers and you can determine which is best for you.

Boundless Labs was formed in January of 2019, and they claim to be experts on everything in the world of CBD. Having formed their own CBD brand in 2018, they know all of the ins and outs of the subject.

They offer several services such as advertising, SEO services, email marketing, influencer marketing, PR and affiliate marketing.

CBD marketing pro provides the tools necessary to be an expert in the industry. They claim to provide the proper measures to prosper in the market rather than flopping. With knowledge on where the market is, how it got there, and where it began, they certainly know their information on the subject.

They offer services such as market strategies, brand development, channels management, digital marketing, advertising, social media placement, SEO expertise, local marketing, and much more.

CBD Marketing

Cola Digital is a marketing agency that consults in cannabis, hemp, and CBD. All of which demonstrates how the company is all about the world of CBD. Something that is important for a company to represent; they believe in the message they’re trying to sell.

As for their actual services, they offer a variety of services. Services such as social media management, content marketing, and SEO expertise.

Other than that, they believe in a step by step process in order to ensure the highest possibility of success.

Forge Digital Marketing is a CBD marketing agency that believes in growing or establishing anyone’s CBD-based company.

They believe in providing social media tactics, influencers, SEO expertise, and email marketing. All of which are claimed to enhance your company to reach it’s highest potential.

They provide details and videos on their entire process so you can fully understand what the entire agency is about.

Work With Sherpa is a fully committed agency for CBD. Beliving in creativity and the digital lifestyle, they understand what it needs to create a popular brand.

They outline all of their services such as web design, SEO writing, a marketing plan, and E-Commerce. From their point-of-view, a proper website is key to gaining traction in this field. Meaning if you don’t have a proper website running, you’re only going to hurt your odds in the industry.

However, they’re committed to working with you for what you want. They just want to provide you with the best tools to succeed.

CBD Marketing

J Rich Digital is a marketing agency that provides CBD and hemp-based marketing. Although they’re not solely dedicated to this industry, they claim to be experts in the market.

They provide a variety of information such as planning, website optimization, driving traffic to the website, monitoring, emailing, and online marketing.

With over 20 years of experience, they know how to properly build up a brand. Something that shouldn’t be taken for granted when you consider which marketing consultant to go with.

As you can tell by their name, 420 CBD Marketing is 100-percent dedicated to helping you market and succeed in the world of CBD. They believe in enhancing your ability to grow through SEO.

Besides SEO, they provide services such as brand identification, growing sales, and tracking. All of which are important tools to utilize for any type of marketing campaign.

Pufcreativ is a complete full-service cannabis marketing agency. Meaning they provide everything marketing-wise for CBD. With an onslaught of portfolios, clients, and information, you can look at who Pufcreativ worked with in the past; showing to you how legit of an agency they are.

Service-wise, they provide everything you can think of from marketing campaigns to graphic design. They really know what they’re doing and it shows.

CBD Marketing

Last, but not least, we have Jesse Grillo. Jesse Grillo is a proven online consultant for just about anything in the world of marketing. Although they’re not solely dedicated to this topic, they’ll certainly do a great job at it.

They provide services such as being a partner, programming, copywriting, search optimization, social media tactics, AdWords, and much more.,

With a click of a few buttons, you’ll be on your way to having an entire marketing plan developed right in front of you. Allowing you to get excited over the potential and future earnings you’ll see in this industry.


CBD Marketing

Just like any other platform, product, or service, there are influencers that can help a product reach full market potential. Upon your own personal branding of CBD, you or your own market consultant will come to the realization of the importance of having an influencer for your brand.

Instagram and YouTube are two of the most popular platforms for influencers and are great for this type of market. However, it’s important for any company to make sure they pick the proper influencer for their own brand. For example, it wouldn’t make sense for a hunting group to reach out to vegan influencers.

If a brand were to pick the wrong influencer for their brand, they’ll only waste their time and money.

Companies and brands need to understand their audience, what audience they can grow into, and who has their key public. This is the main factor as to how people receive sponsorships and how the platforms continue to grow with influencers all over the market.


CBD Marketing

The world surrounding CBD is going to continue to grow and develop as the more information pertaining to the product becomes more knowledgeable to the public. It’s undeniable on the amount of benefits CBD can bring to someone.

Continue to be on the lookout for different products and services that become popular and evoke a market demand. With the proper attitude, work ethic, and plan, just about anyone can become successful through this type of industry.

Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray

nasal spray

More and more researches worldwide are revealing the amazing benefits of CBD on the human body. Not only does CBD deal with physical symptoms, but it also works wonders with emotional disorders. These great benefits with virtually no side effects make CBD products nothing .

There are many ways to administer CBD. These include CBD edibles, tinctures, topical lotions, etc. Administering CBD via nasal spray is a relatively newer method that has been gaining quite the popularity due to its various unique benefits.

CBD Delivery Via Nasal Sprays – The Benefits
With nasal spray, you can easily deliver CBD into your systemic blood circulation through the mucosa of your nasal cavity. This CBD delivery method is fast and highly efficient in most cases.

However, it may be uncomfortable for some individuals. Because of the unpredictable. Fortunately, these issues are solved by packaging nanoparticle water soluble CBD into a saline nasal mist. Since the CBD is water-soluble, it is efficiently and easily absorbed in the nose and gets transferred to within the brain directly. Free from THC, CBD nasal spray works great as a nasal decongestant. When you use it, you will feel the benefits of the accurate dosing right away.

Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray
Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray is a recommended product for you if you are looking to administer CBD via this method. With its fast absorption as well as the added emollients to keep nasal mucosa moisturized, this product acts as nasal decongestant and helps keep your nasal passages open, hence preventing stuffy nose.

Here are the key features of Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray:

  • 6-8 times better absorption as compared to other CBD administering methods. This allows you to use lower doses for the same
  • More efficient, faster relief
  • Excellent nasal decongestant
  • Instant systemic absorption
  • Sustained duration for up to 24 hours

How to Use Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray
Using this product is quite easy. Follow these tips:

  • Shake before using.
  • Squirt the pump spray a few times before your first use.
  • Slightly tilt your head forward and breathe out slowly.
  • Now place the Nasadol CBD spray nozzle into your nostril and compress the sprayer while sniffing gently.
  • Don’t snort while administering as it can inflame and hurt sinuses. Drawing mist to your throat is also not recommended.

Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray has been manufactured using pure pharmaceutical grade CBD and contains high quality ingredients:

  • Active Ingredients: Pure CBD isolate (naturally decarboxylated)
  • Other Ingredients: Potassium Sorbate, saline, organic flavoring, and organic coconut MCTs

Administering CBD via nasal spray is one of the safest alternatives for treating various conditions. There are many such products available the confidence that you are getting a reliable, high-quality CBD product.

What is CBD?

cbd oil benefits
CBD products

Cannabidiol is better known as a naturally occurring compound that is commonly obtained from the resinous flower of cannabis. This plant has a long history and is considered as an essential element of the medical health world. Many new age scientists have also tested the amazing therapeutic properties of CBD products and CBD oil benefits. Studies reveal that it is a non-addictive and safe substance that can help to treat a wide range of health issues.


Note that, some people also try to establish a close relation between CBD and THC, but in actual they have quite different properties. THC is known for its ability to get high on users; on the other side, CBD is better known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Although both THC and CBD have some therapeutic properties, CBD doesn’t make the users intoxicated. It is just because they have a different impact on brain receptors. Medical health experts believe that CBD can actually help to reduce the psychoactive response of THC.

CBD products

Legal issues in CBD products:

Even after several amazing CBD oil benefits studies by health experts, it is still illegal in many states. However, after identifying its amazing properties and analysing its amazing components, many authorities have started making bills in favour of CBD. Some laws have been revised in many countries, and they are now promoting medical as well as recreational use of CBD.

There are two common sources of CBD; one is marijuana, and the other is the hemp plant. The actual source of ingredient available in the CBD products you are using depends on the area where you live and the regulations of your state. The fact is that medical marijuana is still illegal in many states, but the hemp extract is popular in the industry. Some states have also put a cap on THC content present in CBD products; generally, it must be lower than 0.3 percent. However, in many states, this cap is raised to 5% level, and that too doesn’t get high on users.

How it works?

CBD products

CBD interacts with the human body in a variety of ways. One of the most studied impacts of CBD is related to the endocannabinoid system of the human body. It can provide complete assistance to deal with chronic health issues by boosting the immunity of your body. Other than this, CBD products can also help to reverse the problems associated with bone density, intestinal fortitude, energy levels, mood swings, and glucose metabolism as well.

One of the most popular products in the CBD industry is CBD oil. It works as an essential ingredient for a wide range of health care products. You can find the pharmaceutical CBD from a wide range of health clubs, community markets, internet storefronts, coffee shops, upscale boutique, chiropractic offices and gas stations as well. You can find many trusted dispensaries online that can help you get fast delivery of CBD oil products at your doorstep to enjoy CBD oil benefits. Prefer to check the terms and conditions posed by your state on CBD usage and find out the safest and most trustworthy platform to buy CBD products.

The NJ Medical Marijuana Program

nj marijuana dispensary

nj marijuana dispensary

The 10 years old New Jersey medical marijuana program is now turning into a national model, and it is expected to simplify the patient qualification process for medical marijuana.

It is expected that Jake Hoing Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act will legalize the cannabis-infused edibles, and with this, patients will be able to register for medical marijuana cards with ease. Note that, this act passed recently with 65 to 5 votes; however, four assembly members didn’t vote for the program. This is definitely great news for patients in New Jersey as they will now be able to avail easy access to marijuana for pain relief, therapy, and treatment.

The chances are that Senate will approve this medical marijuana expansion plan on 30th May and then it will be transferred to Gov. Phil Murphy.

nj marijuana dispensary

Although edibles were a part of the medical marijuana bill passed in the year 2009, it was recommended for minors only to avail easy access to edibles from marijuana companies. With this, many patients need to work hard to extract the pure form of medical marijuana oil for cooking infused baked goods so that they can consume cannabis orally. Many patients even left New Jersey to other states so that they could gain easy access to medical marijuana companies with simplified laws.

In the Honig Act, experts removed the “bona fide relationship” so that new patients could be a part of the medical marijuana program.

As per the current law, patients need to maintain a healthy relationship with the doctors. They must stay in touch with doctors for at least one year to get recommendations.

But if the new law passes, this requirement will be removed. It means doctors are not bound to recommend medical marijuana like most other treatments. Instead of meeting doctors every 90 days, the Honig Act allows patients to avail annual rectification. With this, they can buy medications easily from marijuana companies.

With this new bill, the purchased quantity of medical marijuana will also be increased from 2 to 3 ounces. Note that, Honig act was added to legislature almost one year ago, but at the time it was tied to Garden State stalled bill for weed legalization. With this combination, legislators tried to win over no votes condition for weed legalization.

Senate Health and Assembly Appropriation committee, on this Monday, passed the modified version of 100-page legislation. The amendments also include the creation of a Cannabis Regulatory Commission that will improve qualifying conditions for patients along with oversees enforcement and NJ marijuana dispensary licenses.

The new Honig Act will also allow NJ marijuana dispensary to deliver medical marijuana to the patients, and it can be done either with the help of third parties or via their own staff. So, this model of legislation also includes job creation opportunities in the cannabis industry. However, not all these amendments received a positive response from activists.

Note that, instead of increasing the sales taxes on medical marijuana, the new bill is expected to remove them all at once in the year 2025. But it clearly doesn’t mean that medical marijuana will be completely tax-free; the municipalities will still be able to pose their 2% tax on cannabis purchases from NJ marijuana dispensary.

What is Next for NJ Marijuana?

nj marijuana dispensary
nj marijuana dispensary

This Tuesday, Illinois got listed as 11th state in the nation where marijuana is permitted legally for recreational needs. Note that, this major decision came soon after the failure of New Jersey and New York bill for billion-dollar recreational programs in the commercial sector.

Now, it is important to analyze the new business strategies in the cannabis industry and NJ marijuana dispensary. It will help you understand why most other countries failed to get marijuana legalization, and Illinois pass for it with ease.

The experts reveal that the cannabis industry these days are finding more potential for growth in the densely populated areas of Northeast United States.

At the same time, New Jersey and New York are trying hard to support the legalization of cannabis edibles for adult use as well. Below we have listed a few important factors related to the upcoming situations in the NJ marijuana industry:

Why New Jersey and New York failed?

If we look at the common scenario, Steve Sweeny and Gov. Phil Murphy at New Jersey struggled for marijuana bill signing with personal standpoint and for the tax rates.

On the other side, at New York, the prime focus was on who will control the tax allocation and tax revenues related issues for cannabis edibles in the area.

In simple terms, it failed to achieve success due to one single point, and that is taxes. Many experts also said that Gov. Andrew Cuomo was more concerned about adult use of marijuana; however, others said that he was more focused on the success of the climate bill.

What may happen next in New Jersey and New York?

Cannabis Edibles

The recent conversations at New Jersey are going on about ballot initiative to the legalization of adult-use cannabis edibles in the year 2020. Most of the people believe that this bill will pass with ease. However, some experts say that it is more important to talk about constitutional amendments instead of bringing a new law.

New York at present is not working towards citizen ballot initiative. But it is expected that legislation may need the majority of votes for the two successive sessions so that essential amendments can be made in the ballot.

How did Illinois succeed to pass the adult-use bill?

The biggest reason behind the success of the Illinois bill as per the legislators is the extensive support from people. They took consideration of all viewpoints and crafted final product by focusing on various interests in NJ marijuana dispensary. Jeremy Unruh, the director of the regulatory and public affair at Illinois, also said that such bills with delicate dynamics pass only when the stakeholders are empowered.

The expansion plans at NJ and NY:

Although the businesses related to adult-use marijuana are still disappointed; NJ medical marijuana market is on its peak these days. Governor recently made an announcement about the opening of new 108 NJ marijuana dispensary in the area with a higher number of processing and cultivation licenses. But on the other side, there are no such active and potential expansion plans in the New York market. The state health departments are making few efforts to build a strong support network for marijuana in the entire state.

NJ Medical Marijuana Bill

nj marijuana dispensary

The widely criticized medical marijuana bill of New Jersey has now become a matter of discussion these days. Gov. Phil Murphy recently ordered a review for this program by saying that some changes are still required.

nj marijuana dispensary

A new bill was introduced in state Assembly on this Thursday, and it addressed many issues for holding back the medical marijuana program.

Democratic assemblyman, Reed Gusciora from Mercer County presented the bill with the idea that it will help residents in New Jersey to avail easy access to Medical Marijuana.

There are five medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey; however, the number of patients is more than 15000. Advocates reveal that with 9 million population in Jersey, the number of patients may rise with time. Hence, the number of NJ marijuana dispensary in the area must increase.

The Bill may Triple the count of Dispensaries:

nj marijuana dispensary

One of the biggest problems in front of patients in New Jersey is the difficulty in accessing medical marijuana. Somehow, if patients are able to gain recommendations for cannabis edibles from doctors, it is usually difficult for them to buy their medication legally. Some patients even travel a hundred kilometers to reach dispensaries.

Note that there are only five dispensaries in New Jersey, and they are located at Woodbridge, Montclair, Egg Harbor, Cranbury, and Bellmawr. The chances are that one new NJ marijuana dispensary will soon open in Secaucus.

nj marijuana dispensary

As per Gusciora bill, 12 more dispensaries will open in the area. The proposal divides New Jersey into three different regions as south, central, and north; experts recommend 6 dispensaries for each sector.

Expansion of the list of conditions into the program:

Last year doctors advised increasing the conditions for qualifying medical marijuana in the state. At present, the list includes some conditions related to terminal and chronic illnesses.

The review panel recommended almost 43 new conditions; the most common one out of these is chronic pain. If the bill passes, the sufferers will be able to avail cannabis-based treatments on time.

At present, patients are able to buy only 2 ounces of marijuana per month, but once the new bill comes into action, patients will be allowed to buy 4 ounces with ease. Also, patients that are suffering from some chronic health conditions such as epilepsy need more cannabis per month; with this new bill, patients will be able to buy cannabis edibles in bulk amount.

nj marijuana dispensary

As cannabis industry these days has so many options in the list of cannabis products such as edibles, oil, and flowers; patients at California and Colorado are able to avail easy access to these products at NJ marijuana dispensary. As per the new bill, the manufacturers at New Jersey will be able to provide more options for cannabis products.

Marijuana patients will get personal doctors:

In order to avail marijuana recommendations, patients at New Jersey need to meet registered doctors. At present, there are 28,000 doctors in the area, but out of them, only 554 are listed in the state registry. With the new bill, the eligible doctors at New Jersey will be able to recommend medical cannabis edibles without registry listing.

“By regulating marijuana, we can put black market drug dealers out of business and eliminate the rebellious allure that attracts young people.”
Sal Albanese

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