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Everything you need to know about Full Spectrum CBD

1000mg cbd vape

Everything You Need to Know about Full Spectrum CBD
You may have heard about full spectrum CBD vape juice, but what exactly does full spectrum mean? The answer is straightforward. It means that the vape juice or oil contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids should be in the plant.

In other words, you get a high concentration of CBD in the oil or juice with only small or minute amounts of lower cannabinoids and trace amounts of THC. However, full spectrum does not mean that additional CBD was added to the product, only that which was naturally occurring in the plant. Still, the cannabinoids are enhanced by the minute amount of other ingredients which creates a greater effect on the system.

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate
While full spectrum means that the product contains all the compounds from cannabis or hemp plant, broad spectrum is almost the same with the trace amounts of THC removed. Isolate removes all other cannabinoids and leaves only the CBD.

Full spectrum is considered a step above standard CBD products. For example, 1000mg CBD vape juice that is full spectrum will contain a considerably more potent effect compared to standard CBD. However, because full spectrum does not remove the THC, it is possible that the product may contain more than the legal limit in your state. This is less likely if the plant of origin is industrial hemp, which only contains small amounts of THC. But if the plant is cannabis, then it most likely contains more than the 0.3% allowable in many states. If you have only taken CBD isolate or broad spectrum, it does pay to know the differences between full spectrum and the rest. For many, it provides increased relief from pain, anxiety, and other conditions that CBD can treat.

Benefits and Drawbacks
The main benefit is the interaction of the different CBD compounds that creates a higher state of relaxation for the mind and body. This is not getting “high” as you would with THC. Rather, it is combination of different elements not found in isolate or even broad spectrum CBD. The effect is still a mild one, so it will not impair your ability to think. And the side effects are quite mild as well, including dry mouth, reduced appetite, and possibly fatigue or feelings of drowsiness depending on the dose taken and the tolerance of the user. One downside is the increased levels of THC. While it is not enough to get you “high”, it can show up in a drug test. Even in trace amounts, the presence of THC may exceed the tolerance not only of the state, but your employer. The chance is less if the full spectrum CBD is derived from industrial hemp, so be sure to read the label.

Purchasing full spectrum CBD vape juice provides you with advantages and potential disadvantages. Consider that what you get will be the components that tend to produce a greater effect, but they also may contain THC even in trace amounts. Ordering 1000mg CBD vape juice may provide what you need to enjoy the benefits if it is full spectrum.

The 10 Best Edibles in Colorado

cbd edibles

Cannabis edibles are becoming increasingly popular as marijuana use grows in popularity and legality across the United States. More states are allowing the medical and recreational use of cannabis, and as a result it and various supplements based on the drug are becoming increasingly popular and more widespread. This means ways to ingest cannabis are increasing in use as well, particularly edibles. Though edibles take longer to affect the body, they are often the most affordable way to do so. They also provide an easy ingestion method for those who would prefer not to smoke.

Colorado was an early state to legalize the use of cannabis, and it has grown into a popular and profitable business in the state. This includes the use of cannabis and CBD edibles. Knowing what’s best to purchase in such a successful market can be a daunting task, but with a bit of research the best Colorado edibles can be found.

Some people might still doubt the expertise of Colorado’s with edibles, TheSpot420.com explains that “Finding the perfect edible dose is important. Too little and you don’t feel much and too much and you may not be a very happy camper. Dosing for edibles has nothing to do with how long your smoking tolerance or how long you have been consuming cannabis in
smokable forms. It has to do with personal body chemistry and everyone is different. A comfortable dose can range from 2.5 MG – 600 MG depending on the person. So start with 5MG and wait 2.5 hours to feel the effects before you take more.”

From the same site, they consider one of the best cannabis edibles in Colorado to be Coda Truffles. According to them, “these edibles are delicious, perfectly dosed, and an absolute work of art. With that combination, it’s easy to see why they came in first place at the High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup. If you’re into aesthetically pleasing food, these will surely not disappoint. Each truffle is handmade by a classically trained Chocolatier, filled with chocolate ganache, coated with high-quality chocolate, and then decorated with tiny pieces of art with confectioner’s paint.”

It’s hard to argue with the combination of cannabis and chocolate. Some might consider such a combination too risky, however. for such people, there’s the old reliable classic, the gummy. Americcana gummies, according to TheSpot420.com, “These gummies are made with whole cannabis plant extract, farmed using organic methods and no pesticides ever. Each and every gummy is individually infused with 10 mg of THC and a focus on consistent dosing, so you always know what kind of high to expect when you buy Americanna. These gummies come in sweet and sour assorted flavors, with 10 gummies in each package. They don’t melt and are our #1 pick for portability. Plus they taste great!”

High praise indeed. One of the most highly praised Colorado edibles companies in the state is well known for their gummies. Wana Brands is, according to TripSavvy.com, “The gummies come in different flavors, such as mixed, watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, mango and yuzu. You can also get them in class-specific options (sativa and indica) as well as a variety of CBD and THC ratios, which allows for customers to control the level of psycho-activity they prefer.

Wana also makes fruit lozenges, known as Wana Drops, which are available in tangerine, kiwi strawberry and watermelon.” Gummies may be the quintessential edible, right up there with brownies, but the increased widespread use of cannabis across the nation, and especially in Colorado, has allowed for a wider range of edibles. For example, several dispensaries in Colorado are offering delightful summer treats like ice cream sandwiches. Made with real ice cream, these 50 mg snacks are full of flavor, summer fun, and plenty of cannabis to get the job done. Definitely an advancement over buying brownies from your college roommate.

Speaking of new and varies ways to enjoy cannabis, another summer treat available in Colorado is cannabis based tea. Whitewater Blissful Black Tea makes a lovely iced tea. This means you can enjoy a cool, refreshing drink with all the benefits of cannabis, too. Definitely a change of pace from more snack based edibles, this one is great for people who are concerned about
consuming high calorie edibles in order to achieve results. The only downside is the $24 price tag, which is still a pretty good deal for a Colorado edible that isn’t your standard snack-type treat.

For those who prefer coffee to tea, there’s Canyon Cultivation Infused Coffee. TheSpot420.com declares that “Coffee and cannabis is like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together. Cannabis provides a nice balance to the effects of caffeine, keeping the caffeine jitters at bay. Canyon Cultivation decided to make it even easier for cannabis consumers to enjoy this combination by developing the original infused cold coffee. Their coffee is made from locally roasted, Guatemalan beans and infused with 10 mg of THC. This dose allows for a perfect combination of energy and high to get your day started!” Some people prefer larger doses, of course. For those who fully embrace the high dosage, munchies side of Colorado edibles, there’s Love’s Oven. As TripSavyy.com explains, “

Love’s Oven is a Denver-based bakery run by a classically trained pastry chef, Hope Frahm, who worked with some of the best restaurateurs out there. Today, she makes high-end, high-quality, all-natural edibles with locally sourced and organic ingredients, whenever possible. Shawna
Seldon McGregor, a spokesperson for L’Eagle Services in Denver, recommends Love’s Oven’s Purple Hash OG or Super Sour Alien.”

You can tell they care because of the dedication the put into their strains, and their baked goods. Love’s Oven takes the old brownie motif and runt with it to create the sort of delectable desserts your grandmother used to make. If you’re grandmother was a hippy, it’s entirely possible she used cannabis, too. These treats go for flavor and cannabis, but the natural ingredients help ease the conscience and also allow for easier ingestion of the cannabis itself. The ingredients of the edible involved can be just as important as the cannabis itself, after all. Though some might think
nothing of the edible itself and merely seek the cannabis, there are others who consider the quality of the edible an important aspect of the experience. For such people, finding the best balance in cost, dosage, and ingredients is an important part of the edible experience. One company seeking to work on the craftier side of edibles is Stratos, who specialize in CBD edibles and THC edibles, rather than just standard cannabis edibles. As TheSpot420.com explains, “Stratos is a great change of pace from your typical edible offerings, crafting innovative products for both medical cannabis patients and recreational users.

Stratos CBD tablets come in 3 different ratios, 1:1 (with an equal amount of THC and CBD), 2:1 (with a slightly higher CBD to THC ratio), or 15:1 (with a much higher CBD ratio). Stratos THC tablets come in 3 different varieties as well: energy (sativa based), relax (sativa and indica hybrid), and sleep (indica based).”

For those who think of snowfall and relaxing under the winter sky, there are edibles for that time of year as well. For the quintessential winter Colorado edible, Medibles sells candy canes. That’s right, candy canes. 60 mg of winter holiday edible goodness, which might make this the best
winter/Christmas edible in the entire history of cannabis, or at the very least an excellent example of the adaptability of cannabis in more modern times.

Love’s Oven was mentioned before, but they deserve another mention for one of their winter treats. As WestWord.com explains, “All Love’s Oven goodies contain natural ingredients that are sourced locally and organic, when possible. For these ginger snaps, the company makes crystallized ginger in-house. The cookies come in packs of ten, and each cookie contains 10 mg of THC. Although these little loves are available all year, they’re irresistible during the holidays.” Thanks to increased acceptance of cannabis, more companies are able to expand the horizons of
edible usage. Not only are regular edibles growing in popularity, CBD edibles can be found almost anywhere as well. as one of the first states to legalize marijuana usage, the cannabis industry in Colorado has managed to prosper. Colorado edibles are innovative and trend setting creations that not only provide the benefits of cannabis, they also taste great and come in a variety of creations.

For the sweets oriented there are cookies, brownies, and delectable truffles. Coffee and tea can be infused with cannabis for a healthier beverage that provides a milder buzz. For those who favor a bit more from their edibles, high dosage options exist as well. There’s also seasonal flavor options to enjoy. Candy canes, ginger cookies, and all manner of winter treats can be
purchased in Colorado. The same is true for summer, with ice cream sandwiches just one of the more notable options. Regardless of the time of year, desired flavors, or dosages, Colorado edibles have what you are looking for.

LegitScript Announces CBD Certification Program

certified cbd

There is hardly a faster-growing industry in the U.S, which can be compared to the rate at which the CBD industry has grown in recent years. From a drug that was only said in whispers as the ‘battle’ over its legality raged on, to a drug that is now publicly used to cure epilepsy and taken just for relaxation purposes, the CBD industry has inarguably taken giant strides.

CBD compound and the industry today
CBD is referred to as the “choice cannabinoids”, and is gotten from the hemp-based cannabis plants. It hardly contains THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol); the psychoactive compounds present in the cannabis plants. CBD (cannabidiol) has been used to cure conditions like insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, pains, etc.

At the end of the beginning of the year and decade 2020, the CBD industry had already doubled its market valuation from the last two years combined. And it is projected to reach an unprecedented high of over $10 billion by the end of this decade. While this has created an avenue for an expansive market for all who wish to go into the CBD market, it has also created room for opportunists who aim through their careless actions to sabotage the benign effects of CBD compounds.

How LegitScript certification factors fit in
LegitScript is a top leading firm in providing (third-party) medical, scientific and legal assurances to health services and products across the country, and they wish to extend such expertise to the ‘largely-unregulated’ CBD industry.

Why you need a Third-party certification in your CBD business
“…the rising illicit practices in the country have led to mistrust from users, leading to many consumers like me finding it difficult to trust most CBD manufacturers.”

CBD products need the trust of consumers
With the CBD certificates issued by third-party certificates like LegitScript, there will be a general boost in the public perception; since they are more likely to believe manufacturers if there are products that have been subjected to third-party testing.

Comprehensive testing and analysis
The CBD certification issued by LegitScript also reports the amount of all compounds that are contained in your CBD compounds, and they are all compiled in a summary report. i.e.

  • CBD composition,
  • THC percentage (should be less than 0.3%)
  • additives,
  • solvents,
  • Hard metals etc.

Your brand has to stand out
In a fast-growing market like the CBD market, it could be very chaotic at the beginning, with CBD certification (especially from a third party) you can always make your brand stand a ‘head-and –foot” taller than other CBD brands that are sure to flood the market.

LegitScript CBD certification is free
Once your CBD product is FDA, USDA, FTC, DEA, and other drug agencies compliant, your product is eligible for a free analysis and testing from the LegitScript laboratories. Getting a CBD certification is not easy at seems, and not cheap; your organization has all to gain by registering with a 3rd party service like LegitScript.

Reports from the FDA, CDC, and other regulatory body have lamented on the incessant CBD ‘scams’ that are plaguing the industry, and are threatening serious punitive measures for defaulters. Having a third-party certification is the safest course of action for not only your brand but your customers

Getting Rich from Investing in CBD

cbd edibles

A time will inevitably come when we have to put our “eggs in a basket”; and when we do it, we want to do it right. You’d hardly find an industry that is making the raves like the CBD industry is currently; with projections in the market leading to an estimate of over $10 billion by the middle of this decade, awesome right? It becomes more incredible when you consider that public/general sale or use and commercialization of CBD became legal only two years ago in the U.S. The rise and awe granted to CBD substance stem from its therapeutic properties (some claims are wild though). CBD compounds were and are still used to solve conditions like anxiety, insomnia, sclerosis, body aches, etc. and in a very popular and medically-historical case; Epilepsy.

Why CBD can make you Rich
All these have made the CBD industry to gain something short of an ‘explosion’ in the last 5 years. The industry has over the last two years especially seen gargantuan flooding of new devotees, and a big wind in the green bills. Here are other reasons this will be the industry you should entrust your money in

No longer the ‘dark alley’ game
With the legalization now official in 47 of the States in the U.S (with other states coming around soon), the industry has risen from its ‘dirty’ public perception to the green light. The 2018 farm act embellished the existing 2014 act, and CBD compounds like CBD edibles are even sold as dietary supplements or recreational purposes in most states, and cannabis is grown in other states.

It is not choosy to its consumers
CBD compounds can be used by all age grades (kids exempted) and do not require special treatments by any group. Men, women, aged, young, professionals, religious, etc. can all use it; as it has no side effects, nor does it intoxicate. Also, CBD can be used in different ways and methods some prefer the yummy tastes of CBD edibles, others application with topical, vaping, tinctures, etc.

More industries are expanding
A lot of institutions are getting more and more interested in CBD by the hour. Coca-Cola even hinted on “paying close attention to the CBD edibles industry”, same for financial institutions, Research centers, Medical, etc.

The best years are still ahead
With discoveries like the use of Epidolex (a CBD based drug from GW pharma) to cure a certain type of malignant epilepsy common in children, the CBD industry will only gain more grounds. If you are thinking of investing in the CBD industry, the best time will be now.

How you can invest in CBD industry
Investments can take many forms, sizes, or styles, but the certain thing is that you have to pick a specific style that would work for you, to secure your investments.

Fully-inclusive investment,
Purchase shares in publicly traded companies,
Pseudo-CBD businesses like,
Owning CBD edibles stores; coffee shops, gummies, CBD drinkables,
CBD marketing and influencing

The CBD industry has proven to be the big hit of this decade, and it hasn’t even hit its peak yet. While global projection is still going higher and higher, you should always observe and play by the State laws when investing in CBD. Recent illicit practices in the industry have led to agencies like FDA, CDC, etc. observing the industry with ‘predating’ eyes, and ready to strike the ax on policy defaulters. So, invest smartly and get rich!!!

CBD Vape pen lung injury: What you should know

cbd pen

The United States Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working assiduously to probe the unfortunate incidents of severe respiratory illness linked to the use of vaping products including CBD vape pens. These organizations are working with state and local authorities to uncover the root of these incidents in a timely manner. They have declared that they are committed to taking the relevant actions as soon as they arrive at a clearer picture of the issue.

What’s Really Going On?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is actively working with states to find out if cases are truly confirmed or just probable. They are seeking to develop a conclusion after examining the medical records of the suspected cases of vape pens used to consume CBD, THC, and other compounds. They have found that some cases are similar in each state. They are saying that they all appear to be linked to the use of vaping products such as CBD vape pens; however, they believe that more information and evidence is needed to understand the true cause of the lung injury. The CDC and FDA have found that many patients reported a gradual start of their symptoms. The symptoms they reported include such things as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and chest pains before being hospitalized. There are some patients who report mild to moderate gastrointestinal illness including diarrhea, vomiting and other issues such as fevers, fatigue, and weakness.

In a plethora of cases, patients shared with healthcare providers that they used vaping products that contained THC. THC is a psychoactive component found in the marijuana plant.

It May Be Wise to Stop Using Vape Pens
With these issues looming, it may b a wise choice to discontinue the use of CBD vape pens and the vaping of other substances. The CDC and FDA have recommended that consumers avoid buying CBD vapes or using such vape pens that are sold on the street. These products are typically unregulated, untested and are often laced with contaminants. If you vape with a disposable vaporizer cartridge filled with THC, nicotine or CBD and it contains the wrong additive or some form of contaminant at the incorrect amount, using these products will potentially damage your lungs immediately.

What Is the Root of The Problem?
The issue seems to be coming from the underground supply chain for THC vape carts according to the CDC. Their investigations have revealed that products containing THC, especially those purchased off the street or from other unregulated sources such as friends, relatives or illicit dealers are connected to the majority of the reported cases. They believe that this is one of the most prominent reasons for the outbreak.

If you intend to continue using a CBD vape pen, you must be careful. There are many known harmful contaminants in illegitimate vape carts that can potentially harm your lungs and leave you hospitalized. On November 8, the CDC declared that a major culprit in recent cases is vitamin E oil. This is also known as tocopheryl acetate. 29 victims from 10 states were analyzed. Their lung fluid samples tested positive for vitamin E oil. Dr. Anne Schuchat from the CDC has emphasized that the research shows that vitamin E is a primary cause. She also states that there were no other possible toxins discovered.

Other health officials in the state of New York have confirmed that synthetic tocopheryl acetate is being found in seized vape carts in the state. Health officials in UTAH also found that vape pen makers have reported that they use vitamin E as a cheap thickener. 900 samples have been submitted to the FDA for testing. They have found of the 225 THC carts they received, 47% contain vitamin E acetate. They continue to test seized carts for THC, nicotine, cutting agents called diluents, additives, pesticides, opioids, poisons, and toxins. There was a case in New York where the patient’s cart contained formaldehyde, pesticide, vitamin E oil, and a small amount of THC. Samples tested in Cannasafe’s California lab found that 100% of the vape carts they tested contained tocopheryl acetate. They reported that some of the carts contained as much as 40%. The testing done by the FDA has revealed that there are carts with an amount of 31% to as high as 88%.

It has been confirmed that carts from brands such as Dank Vapes, TKO, Off White, Moon Rocks, Chronic Carts, and West Coast Carts are not safe for use. CBD vape pens and other vaping products have proven to be dangerous even beyond unsafe additives. There is a reported case of a woman suffering from cobalt-induced lung disease. This was caused by heavy metal exposure as a result of vaping.

What Are the Symptoms of Lung Disease Form Vape Pens?
If you have recently used a cart from the black market and are experiencing shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, weakness, and tiredness, you should see a medical doctor as soon as possible. Other symptoms of vape pen lung injury include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Belly aches
  • An unjustified loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss

How to prevent damage from Vape Pens?
If you still desire to vape CBD, you should ensure that you are only buying products from legal stores. Also, be diligent in finding out if the products are tested and regulated. It is far less likely that licensed providers will have products with contaminants. On the other hand, when you buy off the street, you don’t know what you are exposing your self to. While CBD is a powerful compound, it would be wise to avoid using CBD vape pens until the CDC and FDA have found effective strategies of stopping the illegal use of additives that cause lung injury. You can consume CBD in a number of other ways such as topically or as an edible.

Are cbd vape pens safe?

cbd vape pen

Science has described Vape Pens as disposable vapes filled with 50 mg of full spectrum cbd vape juice and flavored with real terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds found in plants that give each hemp strain its unique flavor and character. CBD Vape Pens are portable electronic devices that come in four natural strain-specific varieties. They are increasingly popular among medical marijuana patients because they provide a convenient, discreet, and presumably benign way to administer cannabis. The issue of determining how safe CBD vape pen is could be summed up as follows:

1. First, there is a general assumption that the CBD vape pen is a healthier tool for administering CBD edibles than inhaling marijuana smoke, which contains harmful substances that may irritate the lungs. The reason for this position is that since a vaporizer heats the cannabis flower or oil concentrate without burning it, the active ingredients are inhaled, but no smoke is involved. At least that is how it is supposed to work for maximum benefits. By this, it means that CBD vapes are designed to reduce harms associated with smoking cigarettes. However, discussions on the vape pens’ safety and the liquid solutions inside the cartridges are determined by identifying what is being inhaled using these CBD pens.

2. Studies have revealed that some CBD vape pens, marketed and utilized without regulatory controls, are manufactured in China. This type of CBD pen is available online and in medical marijuana dispensaries in the US. These vape pens contain a battery-operated heating mechanism, which at high temperatures, can transform solvents, flavoring agents, and various vape oil additives into carcinogens and other harmful toxins.

3. Moreover, science has proved that with high temperatures which some battery-run CBD vape pens come with, propylene glycol converts into tiny polymers that can wreak havoc on lung tissue when inhaled. This propylene glycol is found in many common household items, like cosmetics, baby wipes, pharmaceuticals, pet food, antifreeze, etc. Though the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada has deemed propylene glycol safe for human ingestion and topical application, exposure by inhalation could be dangerous. There are scientific proofs that many things that are safe to eat could be hazardous to breathe. For instance, propylene glycol has long been declared by FDA useful as a food additive. Still, this assessment was based on toxicity studies that did not involve heating and breathing this chemical with CBD vape pens.

4. Also, the FDA approved that flavoring agents, such as e-cig nicotine products available in some vape oil pens, pose additional risks when inhaled rather than eaten. The flavoring compounds smooth and creamy are associated with respiratory illness when inhaled in tobacco e-cigarette devices.

5. Further studies showed that another hazardous-when-inhaled-but-safe-to-eat flavoring compound is cinnamon Ceylon. It becomes cytotoxic when aerosolized.

6. There is no adequate knowledge about the short or long-term health effects of inhaling propylene glycol and other ingredients present in flavored vape pen cartridges. This is because many of these prefilled cartridges are poorly labeled with little or no meaningful information on their contents.

7. The device needs to be critically examined, as it poses some challenges for consumers. Their performances vary greatly. For instance, some vape pens require pressing a button to charge the heating coil; others are buttonless. One simply activates the battery by sucking on the pen. The surface area of the vape pens heating element and its electrical resistance play a significant role in converting ingestible solvents into inhalable toxins. Another confounding factor is the scant information on when and how long the user pushes the button or inhales on the average, how long the coil heats up, or the voltage used during the heating process. Unlike vape pen devices, the Volcano vaporizer has been tested for safety. Collectively, the data indicate that vaporizing whole-plant cannabis exposes the user to lower amounts of carcinogens compared to smoke and decreases side effects (such as reactions to the harshness of smoke).

8. Another factor needed to determine how safe CBD Vape pens are is that when the heating element gets red hot in a vape pen, the solution inside the prefilled cartridges undergoes a process called smoldering, a technical term for what is equivalent to burning. While much of the vape oil liquid is vaporized and atomized, a portion of the vape oil blend undergoes pyrolysis or combustion.
From the given, it is discovered that most of the vape pens that have flooded the commercial market may not be dependable vaporizers. Therefore, they are not true CBD vape pens. They cannot be safe for use.

9. Some have argued that the dangers of burning tobacco are largely absent in vaping. This is because there is no combustion in vaping. There is no tar or carbon monoxide, which are two other significant smoking dangers. They believe that Vaping uses heat from a coil to turn e-liquid into an inhalable aerosol. To those who believe in this opinion, they said it looks like smoke, but it is not. Vaping cannabis oil is a smokeless, low-temperature method of inhaling cannabis vapor. When done safely, vaping cannabis can be a convenient, discrete way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. These findings notwithstanding, it is noted that vaping is not without some potential risks to lung health.

10. Finally, Compared to smoking, CBD vaping leaves a much higher, ranging from a 60-90%, cannabinoid retention rate. This means there is less waste of valuable cannabinoids from vaping rather than smoking. On the other hand, there is the risk of greatly increasing a person’s tolerance level when vaping high concentrations of CBD or THC. Besides, Vaping cannabis oil tends to help many of the same conditions reported to be alleviated with the use of other cannabis products, such as; pain relief, anxiety relief, depression relief, relaxation benefits, deep-sleep enhancement, anti-inflammatory and for improvement of one’s mood.
The general note of advice is that these days there is a CBD vape shop on every corner. However, that does not mean the products they are selling are automatically safe. There is a lack of regulation or safety standards for CBD products on the market today. Often, the person working the counter has limited knowledge about essential safety considerations to be noted.

How safe is your cbd vape pen?

cbd pen

Vaping CBD is enjoyed by so many people because it doesn’t produce smoke and the CBD inside is consumed and begins working quickly. However, vaping can be more dangerous than people realize. Although CBD itself is completely safe, there is a huge lack of regulations in the cannabis industry as a whole. Many companies don’t concern themselves with making sure their products are safe. CBD companies don’t always test their products or share what ingredients go into their products. Because there is no regulation, they don’t have to take these steps. In 2019, researchers tested thirty CBD products and found that ten of them contained synthetic marijuana that was considered to be dangerous. In fact, all ten of these products either had only a small amount of CBD, or they had none at all. A study done in 2017 found that seven out of ten particular CBD products did not list the correct dosage on the label, and two of them contained more than the legal amount of THC.

In a span of a few months in 2018, around sixty soldiers at North Carolina military bases were sent to medical centers after vaping CBD. Their symptoms included headaches, seizures, and vomiting. Not long after this, thirty people were admitted to a North Carolina hospital after vaping CBD. Their symptoms ranged from hallucinations to heart irregularities. Many even lost consciousness. This brings into question what really goes into CBD pens. Hemp plants are covered by a fatty outer layer called cuticle wax. This cuticle wax is burnt away when smoking, but using a CBD pen doesn’t burn the wax. Vaping requires a lower temperature than smoking, so the cuticle wax doesn’t heat up enough to burn. Instead, that wax is inhaled and collects in the lungs. This can lead to serious respiratory problems, which can be a long-term issue.

Another common safety concern when using a CBD pen is the presence of thinning agents that are produced from harsh chemicals. Because CBD extract is too thick to use in vape pens by itself, it has to be treated to reduce how thick it is. Many companies use toxic chemicals because it makes the process less expensive. Two of these chemicals, in particular, are propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. Both break down into carcinogens that can cause cancer, such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. This risk increases when they are used in a CBD vape pen because more and more carcinogens are released as they get hotter. Some of these carcinogens are even present in cigarette smoke. In fact, one study showed that the amount of formaldehyde someone breathes in from one inhalation of vapor would be about the same as if they had smoked one cigarette.

Propylene glycol, the most commonly used chemical, is found in many household items and, according to the FDA, is safe to ingest and use topically. However, it isn’t safe to inhale it. A 2010 study showed that inhaling propylene glycol (along with polyethylene glycol) can increase flare-ups of asthma, eczema, and allergies. These toxins are even worse for children, who are often around adults who are vaping because even these adults don’t know better. Flavoring agents are another common concern when it comes to vaping CBD, even those that have been approved by the FDA. Flavoring agents are safe to eat, but they are dangerous when inhaled. Some flavoring agents can irritate the lungs and cause respiratory issues. There are also many other substances used to flavor and dilute CBD for vaping that are safe to eat but dangerous to inhale, such as MCT and coconut oil.

Finally, it’s important to consider the amount of CBD being inhaled. A CBD vape pen shouldn’t change the profile of CBD, but it’s important to consider the dosage when you choose to inhale it as opposed to consuming it. There’s no real research on the topic yet, but it is estimated that CBD could be four times as potent when you inhale it than when you consume it. It’s highly possible that this excess amount of CBD could cause unwanted side effects, but more studies need to be done to know for sure. For people who choose to vape CBD, choosing a high-quality CBD pen can potentially make a big difference in health and safety. It is possible that the heater coil’s temperature is important for producing a vapor that is efficient and avoiding the production of carcinogens. It has also been suggested that most vape pens aren’t true vaporizers because they burn so much of the solution instead of allowing the user to inhale all of it.

Unfortunately, there currently isn’t much research on the long-term effects of vaping CBD. This topic is especially difficult to study when there are so many companies that don’t properly label their cartridges. It is also hard to do since studies all assume that different amounts of vapor will be inhaled, making it difficult for researchers to compare their results. Researchers also run into the problem of tracing the inhaled vapor, which has proved to be tricky. These concerns prove how important it is to be aware of what you’re paying for. Due to the fact that the CBD industry is so poorly regulated, potentially dangerous knock-offs are sold all the time. Read labels, review company websites, and do whatever it takes to get the information you need. Some people even choose to call companies to learn about products straight from the source. Lungs are very sensitive and vulnerable organs, so we have to be careful about what goes into them, as serious health issues can easily occur from unknown or dangerous substances. Vaping CBD could potentially be dangerous, so buying from reputable companies who test their products and are open about their ingredients is critical.

Guide to CBD Marketing

cbd edibles

With more places legalizing marijuana, the cannabis industry is rapidly growing every day. The US cannabis market is around a $20 billion business. One specific segment, CBD oil, is expected to become a $20 billion business by itself in the next four years. CBD is quickly being accepted by a growing number of consumers. It has no psychoactive effects, meaning you won’t get high, and hundreds of studies have been done to learn about its benefits.

Researchers have consistently found that CBD is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, and pain, and they believe it can treat many cognitive disorders as well, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, though they are still researching these possibilities. Because it is such a thriving market, it is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate CBD businesses. There are thousands of both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores selling CBD products, and that number is growing all the time. Businesses have to work hard to come up with an effective marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd.

When marketing CBD brands, one of the most important things to do is to educate people. Many people don’t know the difference between CBD and marijuana, and they don’t realize that CBD is safe and legal. It helps to explain exactly what CBD is and all the benefits it has to offer from relaxation to pain relief. Talk about known health benefits, but avoid mentioning benefits still being studied, such as using CBD for epilepsy.

CBD businesses also benefit from being open about where their CBD comes from and what other ingredients they use in their products. Some may even choose to explain what each ingredient does. Consumers also want to know that the products they buy have been tested and that they’re safe, so many thriving businesses explain the entire process from farming to bottling.

Build your brand identity
These days, there are many forms of CBD, such as CBD edibles, oil, and creams. However, most share the same overall purpose. Your brand identity helps you stand out in a market full of businesses essentially selling the same thing you’re selling. Businesses need to show consumers why they’re better than everyone else.

Identifying your target audience is a critical step to building your identity and making sales. Who do you want to buy your products? What are their problems and motivations? Do they care a lot about their mental health? Knowing the answers to questions like these will help you reach your specific audience and, ultimately, help them better themselves. For example, if your target audience is people in their twenties focused on relieving anxiety and depression, explain how certain CBD edibles can help them feel better and happier, and how they can help them relax.

digital marketing consultant

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps people find your business while searching for products online. SEO is the biggest strategy for gaining organic traffic to websites, even in the CBD industry. Some businesses choose to work with a digital marketing consultant in order to achieve the best results. A consultant will know how to research the industry to improve SEO and gain more loyal customers. SEO should be included on every page of your website, including blog posts, product descriptions, and URLs.

Email marketing
There is a lot of negative talk about email marketing. It’s one of the oldest marketing techniques, and people often delete emails without reading them. However, email marketing is still considered to be one of the most successful forms of marketing and can produce a high return on your investment since it’s much more expensive to find new customers than it is to keep current loyal customers. Emails keep these customers happy and up-to-date, and they help ensure that they won’t forget about you.

There are many options when it comes to email content. Send customers blog posts and updates so they always know what’s going on with your business and the great work you’re doing. Surveys are a great way to learn how customers are using their products, which products they like best, and what they’d like to see in the future. Some businesses provide incentives for participating in surveys, such as coupons or prize entries. Deals and coupons are also a popular option for emails because they keep customers coming back to your shop.

Social Media
A good social media presence is critical for any business these days. It is the best way to connect personally with customers and show them exactly who you are in an authentic way.

YouTube is so popular in the CBD industry because you can show off your products, show consumers how to use them, and even share stories of how CBD has helped people. Around seventy percent of people would rather watch a video than read text, making YouTube a highly useful marketing tool.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the most popular social media platforms because of the personal connections you can develop. With these platforms, businesses can share updates, blog posts, customer reviews, new products, and so much more. There is no end to the content businesses can share on social media. Customers enjoy social media because they see these updates in real-time, and they can quickly contact businesses with any questions or concerns. They are able to learn what businesses value and what they do on a daily basis.

CBD marketing doesn’t always require hiring a digital marketing consultant, but they offer significant benefits. Marketing in the CBD industry isn’t always easy, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can be successful. Just remember that the CBD industry is always growing, and you have to be willing to grow as well.

How Cannabis is Becoming a B2B Payments Innovation Influencer

cbd payment processor

Out of all of the booming industries in the U.S. today, it’s impossible to ignore the cannabis industry. Once an industry that was non-existent and illegal, the world of cannabis has completely transformed into something magnificent today. No matter the specifics related to the subject of marijuana, it’s challenging to ignore how far it has come since its early history. Plus, practically every expert and person involved in the field know that still has a long way to go.

As great as it is to see the cannabis industry succeed as it has, it has faced numerous obstacles along the way. Since it’s not entirely legal throughout the country and only recreationally legal in a handful of states, access to banks has been exceedingly difficult since it’s federally regulated. Since marijuana is a state by state issue and illegal on a federal level, this has been an ongoing issue since the first instance of legality in Colorado. However, in recent times, this issue has been partially avoided due to credit unions and regional banks stepping in to fill the void.

Nonetheless, with the growing field of cannabis and financial void being filled, cannabis is on its way to becoming a B2B payments innovation influencer. Although this topic appears to be a bit specific and confusing, it’s not. Let’s take a look at what this means and highlight what a B2B payment is, contactless payments, a CBD payment processor, and much more.

What’s a B2B Payment?
Before we look at the specifics of how cannabis is becoming a B2B payments innovation influencer, let’s go over what a B2b payment if beforehand. Since it’s pointless to discuss the specifics without highlighting the definition, let’s first examine this definition.

Nonetheless, a B2B payment or business to business payment is a situation in which one business makes a transaction with another. Rather than a business selling a specific product with a consumer, the transaction happens between businesses. The understanding of a B2B payment typically happens when a business is outsourcing its materials or product for another business to use. For example, a tree company might have a B2B deal with a paper company for the trees to make paper. Although this is a simple explanation, it explains how this operation is simplified in the marijuana industry. Whether the specifics of a B2B payment in the cannabis industry involve the growing of marijuana and its deal with a dispensary, or CBD and its packaging for another company, there are many scenarios to highlight in this example.

New Industry
Outside of the countless examples tied to the B2B simplicity of the marijuana industry, the fact that it’s a new industry makes it amazingly simple for this area. Unlike previous business areas that have to adapt and adequately transform into modern practices, the world of marijuana is relatively new. The substance has indeed been around for quite some time, but the industry was non-existent up until the 21st century. Even with the early days of the 21st century, all industries have drastically changed. This is primarily due to the overwhelming complexities tied to the age of technology.

No matter the circumstance, since marijuana is a new industry, it’s adapted the idea of a B2B payment very quickly and easily. Since there aren’t any pre-determined areas for the field to hurdle, it wasn’t too big of a deal. Thus, why this field is being looked at as a B2B payments innovation influencer, highlighting how one business shouldn’t just succeed, but if one succeeds, every other facet can succeed with it. Since they all rely on each other for all of their products, this is an excellent area for this field.

Contactless Payments
One of the leading examples as to why the cannabis industry is as remarkable as it is for this field has to mostly due to contactless payments. Previously, if businesses wanted to do business with each other, they had to meet in person. As we all know, dreadfully having to meet in person is never a bright point in any field. With the addition of contactless payments, it’s a lot more straightforward to complete plans. People can talk online and see each other throughout the various webcam services, making it virtually the same as meeting in person.

Either way, this is a bright point in the industry. Whether it’s a dispensary making a deal with an edibles company to use their products, or a CBD payment processor example, they’re all fantastic examples of the field.

Increasing Legacy Infrastructure
Since the hurdle of seeking bank support in the industry isn’t as big of a deal today, the legacy infrastructure is significantly better for businesses. More specifically, small businesses can accept digital payments from customers using various payment processing services.

Like any other industry, having more options to accept payments will undoubtedly lead to growth. On the other hand, not having enough options will undoubtedly lead to a harmful component on the matter. Either way, the increasing legacy infrastructure in the field is a big part of why the B2B aspect of the field is growing how it is. Since businesses can help each other properly flourish, it makes sense why this field is doing well in the manner.

More Businesses Are Interested
Since cannabis is such a large industry, more businesses are becoming heavily interested in the field. Whether it’s an entrepreneur looking for their next investment or a marijuana company looking to expand, any positive growth in an industry will promote interest. As more businesses show their interest, more businesses will be likely to enact a B2B payment. Any field in this particular realm has seen what happens when positivity in a specific industry is reached; it helps everyone involved.

Thus, when more businesses and people are interested, it creates an effect for everyone involved in it that’ll see it. As a result, businesses will be more likely to business with one another, and consumers will see the benefits back—just another example of how cannabis is becoming a B2B payments innovation influencer.

Golfer’s guide to CBD

cbd for golf

CBD is regarded as number three on the list of the three-letter words closely associated with golf – ranked immediately under PGA (Professional Golfers Association of America) and TPC (Tournament Players Club). In a few years, though, CBD might be taking the top spot – and this isn’t far-fetched.

According to the National Hemp Association, CBD represents a fast-growing multi-billion-dollar behemoth that would generate more than $20 billion annually by 2024. This proliferation of CBD products may be linked to its high usage in the golf industry. CBD products appear in golf course pro shops, next to gloves and golf balls, and its use is growing across the professional tours. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when Bubba Watson calls CBD a “no brainer” for golfers, and PXG staffer Pat Perez tagged it “a total game-changer” for him. This tells us that whether it’s dealing with anxiety or typical aches and pains, there is no doubt that there’s a viable market for CBD products among golfers.

Since this article is a Golfer’s Guide to CBD, it answers questions on nature, dynamics, available products, and CBD’s proper usage.

Nature: What is CBD?
CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, known more commonly as marijuana or hemp. It is extracted from strains of hemp selected genetically for their very low THC concentration. The extraction is rid of any THC – the addictive element in Cannabis – so that CBD has no psychoactive properties and can be taken without feeling buzzed, hungry, tired, paranoid, or getting addicted.

According to a 2012 review published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology on CBD’s benefits, it was found that CBD possesses anticonvulsant, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and anticancer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antidepressant properties. CBD treats anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, nausea, and other health concerns, which may arise while playing golf and cancer, infections, depression, PTSD, spasms, and so much more. Since the legalization of regulated hemp production via the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD usage continues to record a historic high – and of course, golf plays a huge part.

The Dynamics: How CBD Works
The human body naturally produces neurotransmitters called cannabinoids that play a significant role in moderating inflammation processes. This is because we all have an endocannabinoid system with different types of receptors with specific functions. The types of receptors are termed CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors exist throughout the body but are mainly in the brain and central nervous system. CB2 receptors are most common in the immune system, but both receptors benefit from the anti-inflammatory qualities of cannabidiol (CBD).

As a golfer, when you think of CBD, think of a coach shouting ‘anti-flammatory instructions’ to your CB1 & CB2 receptors to knock down your nausea, anxiety, pain, seizures, and what have you.

CBD Products For Golfers
CBD may be used in the following ways: as tinctures, by placing drops under the tongue to absorb sublingually; as a spray which may be used by spraying oil into the mouth; as vapes, and e-cigarette. It may be in the form of concentrates, applying wax or dab to the inside of the mouth, topical for use on skin as lotions, salve or skin balm, or as edibles, added to meals via brownies, gummies, chocolate bars, etc.

For golfers, the main form of ingestible CBD products for golf is in the form of oil tinctures. Users squeeze a quantity of the tincture under their tongues, hold it there for 30 seconds to a minute and swallow. This way, the tincture gets into the bloodstream faster. Examples include Medterra’s isolate tinctures which range in concentration from 500 ($35) to 1000 ($56) to 3000 milligrams ($133) in a 30-milliliter bottle; High Falls Hemp’s full-spectrum tinctures which come in potency levels from 300 up to 3000 milligrams, ranging in price from $35 to $200.

CBD topicals come in all manner of salves, balms, creams, and other CBD-infused substances meant to be rolled onto the skin. Largely, golfers are skeptical about their effectiveness, but not Kami Day. Kami Day, the co-founder of Muscle MX, is a fan of topicals, both her broad-spectrum Activate roll-on before and Recovery for after physical activity. According to her, “a topical is probably the most effective way to treat any kind of pain.” As for ingestible, she admits that although it’s not super effective for her, she’s seen what it does for others. By implication, the level of CBD’s effectiveness isn’t the same as everyone.

How should CBD be Consumed?
To optimize the benefits of CBD, you must match the method of consumption with the objective. So, if you’re looking for acute pain relief – say elbow tendonitis, hitting too many range balls – a cream or balm is likely going to serve you better than CBD drops or gummies. However, if the idea is to add CBD as a daily nutritional supplement, tinctures or edibles will probably be more beneficial. However, there are some flags you must watch out for as you consume your CBD.

First, does the CBD product have a COA (Certificate of Analysis)? This COA states the CBD and THC levels, as well as declaring the presence of any contaminants. You can also use the COA to determine if the testing lab used meets “ISO 17025” standards, making it okay to use. Also, confirm that your CBD manufacturing company works with either the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC), the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP), or the U. S. Pharmacopeia (USP). Ensure to tick these boxes.

Use a journal/Tracker. This helps you log the results of CBD usage and allows you to track any potential side effects of the usage. CBD for golf is, no doubt, really effective. However, its side effects should be piously monitored.

Also, start slow. CBD works excellently, and the incredible medical benefits may overwhelm you. Yet, you need to understand your limits and take it slow. And in any case, if your CBD products for golf aren’t working as expected, give it time and do not overdose.

Needless to say, CBD for golf may be likened to music for the soul. This is because many reputable golfers attribute their lasting professional success to the incredible benefits of consuming CBD products for golf. These persons have got the hang of it and are consequently optimizing its magic. If you haven’t attained that level of mastery, you will find this guide very useful.

“By regulating marijuana, we can put black market drug dealers out of business and eliminate the rebellious allure that attracts young people.”
Sal Albanese

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