NJ Medical Marijuana Bill

The widely criticized medical marijuana bill of New Jersey has now become a matter of discussion these days. Gov. Phil Murphy recently ordered a review for this program by saying that some changes are still required.

nj marijuana dispensary

A new bill was introduced in state Assembly on this Thursday, and it addressed many issues for holding back the medical marijuana program.

Democratic assemblyman, Reed Gusciora from Mercer County presented the bill with the idea that it will help residents in New Jersey to avail easy access to Medical Marijuana.

There are five medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey; however, the number of patients is more than 15000. Advocates reveal that with 9 million population in Jersey, the number of patients may rise with time. Hence, the number of NJ marijuana dispensary in the area must increase.

The Bill may Triple the count of Dispensaries:

nj marijuana dispensary

One of the biggest problems in front of patients in New Jersey is the difficulty in accessing medical marijuana. Somehow, if patients are able to gain recommendations for cannabis edibles from doctors, it is usually difficult for them to buy their medication legally. Some patients even travel a hundred kilometers to reach dispensaries.

Note that there are only five dispensaries in New Jersey, and they are located at Woodbridge, Montclair, Egg Harbor, Cranbury, and Bellmawr. The chances are that one new NJ marijuana dispensary will soon open in Secaucus.

nj marijuana dispensary

As per Gusciora bill, 12 more dispensaries will open in the area. The proposal divides New Jersey into three different regions as south, central, and north; experts recommend 6 dispensaries for each sector.

Expansion of the list of conditions into the program:

Last year doctors advised increasing the conditions for qualifying medical marijuana in the state. At present, the list includes some conditions related to terminal and chronic illnesses.

The review panel recommended almost 43 new conditions; the most common one out of these is chronic pain. If the bill passes, the sufferers will be able to avail cannabis-based treatments on time.

At present, patients are able to buy only 2 ounces of marijuana per month, but once the new bill comes into action, patients will be allowed to buy 4 ounces with ease. Also, patients that are suffering from some chronic health conditions such as epilepsy need more cannabis per month; with this new bill, patients will be able to buy cannabis edibles in bulk amount.

nj marijuana dispensary

As cannabis industry these days has so many options in the list of cannabis products such as edibles, oil, and flowers; patients at California and Colorado are able to avail easy access to these products at NJ marijuana dispensary. As per the new bill, the manufacturers at New Jersey will be able to provide more options for cannabis products.

Marijuana patients will get personal doctors:

In order to avail marijuana recommendations, patients at New Jersey need to meet registered doctors. At present, there are 28,000 doctors in the area, but out of them, only 554 are listed in the state registry. With the new bill, the eligible doctors at New Jersey will be able to recommend medical cannabis edibles without registry listing.