Everything you need to know about Full Spectrum CBD

Everything You Need to Know about Full Spectrum CBD
You may have heard about full spectrum CBD vape juice, but what exactly does full spectrum mean? The answer is straightforward. It means that the vape juice or oil contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids should be in the plant.

In other words, you get a high concentration of CBD in the oil or juice with only small or minute amounts of lower cannabinoids and trace amounts of THC. However, full spectrum does not mean that additional CBD was added to the product, only that which was naturally occurring in the plant. Still, the cannabinoids are enhanced by the minute amount of other ingredients which creates a greater effect on the system.

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate

While full spectrum means that the product contains all the compounds from cannabis or hemp plant, broad spectrum is almost the same with the trace amounts of THC removed. Isolate removes all other cannabinoids and leaves only the CBD.

Full-spectrum considered a step above standard CBD products. For example, 1000mg CBD vape juice that is full-spectrum will contain a considerably more potent effect compared to standard CBD. However, because full spectrum does not remove the THC, it is possible that the product may contain more than the legal limit in your state. This is less likely if the plant of origin is industrial hemp, which only contains small amounts of THC. But if the plant is cannabis, then it most likely contains more than the 0.3% allowable in many states. If you have only taken CBD isolate or broad spectrum, it does pay to know the differences between full spectrum and the rest. For many, it provides increased relief from pain, anxiety, and other conditions that CBD can treat.

Full Spectrum CBD
Benefits and Drawbacks

The main benefit is the interaction of the different CBD compounds that creates a higher state of relaxation for the mind and body. This is not getting “high” as you would with THC. Rather, its combination of different elements not found in isolate or even broad-spectrum CBD. The effect is still a mild one, so it will not impair your ability to think. And the side effects are quite mild as well, including dry mouth, reduced appetite, and possibly fatigue or feelings of drowsiness depending on the dose taken and the tolerance of the user. One downside is the increased levels of THC. While it is not enough to get you “high”, it can show up in a drug test. Even in trace amounts, the presence of THC may exceed the tolerance not only of the state, but your employer. The chance less if the full-spectrum CBD derived from industrial hemp, so be sure to read the label.

Purchasing full spectrum CBD vape juice provides you with advantages and potential disadvantages. Consider that what you get will be the components that tend to produce a greater effect, but they also may contain THC even in trace amounts. Ordering 1000mg CBD vape juice may provide what you need to enjoy the benefits if it is full spectrum.