LegitScript Announces CBD Certification Program

CBD Certification Program

There is hardly a faster-growing industry in the U.S, which can be compared to the rate at which the CBD industry has grown in recent years’ CBD Certification Program. From a drug that was only said in whispers as the ‘battle’ over its legality raged on, to a drug that is now publicly used to cure epilepsy and taken just for relaxation purposes, the CBD industry has inarguably taken giant strides.

CBD compound and the industry today

CBD is referred to as the “choice cannabinoids”, and get from the hemp-based cannabis plants. It hardly contains THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol); the psychoactive compounds present in the cannabis plants. CBD (cannabidiol) used to cure conditions like insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, pains, etc.

At the end of the beginning of the year and decade 2020, the CBD industry had already doubled its market valuation from the last two years combined. And projected to reach an unprecedented high of over $10 billion by the end of this decade. While this has created an avenue for an expansive market for all who wish to go into the CBD market, it has also created room for opportunists who aim through their careless actions to sabotage the benign effects of CBD compounds.


How LegitScript certification factors fit in

LegitScript is a top leading firm in providing (third-party) medical, scientific and legal assurances to health services and products across the country, and they wish to extend such expertise to the ‘largely-unregulated’ CBD industry.

Why you need a Third-party certification in your CBD business
“…the rising illicit practices in the country have led to mistrust from users, leading to many consumers like me finding it difficult to trust most CBD manufacturers.”

CBD products need the trust of consumers

With the CBD certificates issued by third-party certificates like LegitScript, there will be a general boost in the public perception; since they are more likely to believe manufacturers if there are products that subjected to third-party testing CBD Certification Program.

Comprehensive testing and analysis

The CBD certification issued by LegitScript also reports the amount of all compounds contained in your CBD compounds, and they are all compiled in a summary report. i.e.

  • CBD composition,
  • THC percentage (should be less than 0.3%)
  • additives,
  • solvents,
  • Hard metals etc.

Your brand has to stand out

In a fast-growing market like the CBD market, it could be very chaotic at the beginning, with CBD certification (especially from a third party) you can always make your brand stand a ‘head-and –foot” taller than other CBD brands that are sure to flood the market.

LegitScript CBD certification is free

Once your CBD product is FDA, USDA, FTC, DEA, and other drug agencies compliant. Your product is eligible for free analysis and testing from the LegitScript laboratories. Getting a CBD certification is not easy at seems, and not cheap; your organization has all to gain by registering with a 3rd party service like LegitScript.


Reports from the FDA, CDC, and other regulatory body have lamented on the incessant CBD ‘scams’. That is plaguing the industry, and is threatening serious punitive measures for defaulters. Having a third-party certification is the safest course of action for not only your brand but your customers.