Secret Cannabis Containers

Poison Rings
Poison rings are probably the oldest known wearable that humans have used to carry things that weren’t supposed to be seen. Great great cannabis containers, they were originally quite a sinister accessory. With enough space beneath the jewel to hold some poison to sprinkle over some monarch’s food or drink. While monarchs are almost all gone and so are such plots to kill them for power. But poison rings are still here and they really come in peace this time around.

Who would even think about it?

Fake Soda Stash Cans
These stash cans come in many forms like bottles. Cans and are available in almost every mainstream beverage company labels out there. There are all made using the same way: hollowed-out containers that are empty from the inside for secret storage. No one will ever bat an eye about it twice. You can slip in a few ounces of the good green stuff inside. And since the inside spaces are ideal for storing liquid too, you can pour in a little CBD you got from Walmart.

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes
Hollowed out tampons are the perfect stash containers for women because men. In general would never look twice at them at any checking point or whenever you take them out in front of them. You can just twist the joints up and put them inside these carefully.

Surge Protector
You can conceal your ‘goods’ with this stash container in the shape of a surge protector. Its on-off switches are lighted by a battery, making it all the more realistic. It’s quite safe even if you plug in some cords and power cables because it won’t conduct electricity and its sockets are completely perfect insulators. No one will ever think about finding some weed in there except, of course, you.

Smuggler Belts

Smuggler belts are belts that have special concealing pockets stitched on the inside of the belt. You can wear them while going anywhere, the office, school or even the club. Just put a packet in there somewhere go outside.

Cannabis Containers

Stash Underwear
Stash pockets are the real deal these days and are awesome cannabis containers. Stash-pockets have been available in hats and hoodies for quite a long time now but underwear with stash-pockets are the wave now. You are quite safe with these on because no one’s ever going to come up to you and just touch you down there in hopes of finding some weed.

Dictionaries and books
One of the most classical places for carrying all sorts of concealed items and put them away from sight is the insides of a book with pages taken out. Propped up by the cinema with scenes from great timeless movies like The Shawshank Redemption, a book safe is probably your best bet in keeping your cannabis hidden from outside speculation. You can also be flexible with their colors, sizes and can easily accommodate a mini-liquid container from Walmart to slip in some CBD. Most of these books available online come with combination locks and make your valuable hidden and secured at all costs.