Cannabis Dispensary Interior Design

As more and more states in the U.S. are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, new interior design trends are emerging in cannabis dispensaries nowadays. These dispensaries often look like Apple Stores, high-end speakeasies, and hotel lobbies thanks to these latest trends. And these designs help the cannabis dispensaries boost sales. Customers know when they enter the dispensary whether or not it is well-designed and laid out.

Here are some interior design tips that will help you modernize your cannabis dispensary and boost your sales:

The Gallery

With the proper curator, no frills décor can be done right. It is recommended that you find local artists who want to showcase their works in your cannabis dispensary. By doing this, you will create a buzz with your clients. It is recommended that you find “420 friendly” artists. They will help you increase sales as they will bring in potential customers. They let people know that your dispensary is showcasing their work. The customers you attract this way are generally educated. They are likely to spend relatively more time in your dispensary, which is always good for buying.

The Showroom

The open-air style of shops is the hottest interior design trend in cannabis dispensaries nowadays. It can be seen in shops like Euflora and Frosted Leaf. In open-air showroom design, display jars are placed on tables in the middle of the room. Rather than in glass cases like most first movers. You don’t have to make the raw product accessible by just opening the lid, instead there should be small holes in the top so your customers can smell the product but not touch it. This design will allow many people access to your dispensary at once and it will also reduce the number of employees that you will need in order to open jars and explain different strains.

The Spa

Medical cannabis facilities that provide a health-oriented, calming space have the advantage of putting patients at ease that are usually not very familiar with therapeutic cannabis. Such patients usually don’t look for a loud place that has bongs placed everywhere. Bright, clean blues and white project wellness and they also give a perception of a luxury product. Persian rugs, water features, and indoor plants are musts.

The Bank

If you want to give individual attention to orders and also decrease wait times, then it is highly recommended that you consider having several points where your staff can execute sales. For example, you can have a terminal at each end where your staff can conduct transactions, while using the areas in the middle to introduce customers to products. Persian rugs are a must for this area as well. You should also use dividers so there is privacy while people talk rather than an open area where sounds travels easily. Still, with more customers comes more noise, so it is recommended that you consider installing sound dampening panels in your dispensary. Again, the Persian rugs are a must for this area.